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Home Cooked Hog Roast Devon

2.5kg pork shoulder/pork leg boned and rolled ( scored and tied )
Salt for skin and season
Rapeseed Oil or good quality oil with a high smoke point

Trivet of fresh vegetables – 2 x celery sticks , 2 x carrots diced , 1 x garlic bulb ( broken into cloves ) , 2 x onions diced.
This is used as a base to sit your meat on layer in the cooking process.

1. Heat your oven to 240/220 degrees – coat the pork skin in your rapeseed oil and sprinkle the skin with coarse sea salt ensuring any excess is removed , once your oven has reached temperature place your meat into a roasting tray an place in the oven , roast for 30 minutes or until the skin has started to puff up/crackle this initial cooking will also seal the meat capturing much of the natural juices and flavour.

2. Remove your meat from the oven – Reduce the temperature of your oven 140/120 degrees – now we use your prepared trivet of vegetables – remove meat from your roasting tray and add your trivet of vegetables place meat back on top of the vegetables , cover roasting tray with cooking foil and return meat to oven for a further 5 hours ( yes 5 hours )

3. After the 5 hours has elapsed remove meat from the oven the meat will now be very tender an you may see it starting to fall apart ( don’t worry that is perfect ) !! – I now remove the skin/crackling from the joint and wrap the meat back in the foil to keep it moist – turn your oven back up to 240/220 degrees and once temperature reached put the skin back into the oven to crisp up for about 30 minutes.

4. Whilst your skin is crackling up this is the perfect resting time for your meat , once the 30 minutes has elapsed remove skin/crackling from the oven – leave to one side – unwrap you meat and with 2 forks literally shred the pork from the joint.

5. At this point you have 2 choices you can use the meat and have a full hog roast dinner, OR MY CHOICE you can serve the pork in a fresh buttered roll and don’t forget your lovely crackling, you can also enhance your creation by adding a lovely homemade chutney …… Watch this space for a recipe and method for a beautifully chutney and you have made it all yourself !!!!!

This is a great add on to a barbecue for friends and family and trust me they will be asking for more .

YES it does take time bit it is really worth it don’t scrimp on your cooking time !!!!!!