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Hog Roast Devon Beef Stroganoff

Rump steak enough for two
1 onion
100g mushrooms
cracked black pepper
1 carton single cream
1 wine glass brandy
Olive oil / butter

Cut the steak into long strips about 1cm wide and place in shallow dish.
In a pestle and mortar crack a good handful of black peppers so that they are cracked up but not ground. Sprinkle over the cut steak and rub in well.

Wipe the mushrooms and cut into medium size slices. Cut onion to a fine dice.

In a non stick pan fry off the onions in a little olive oil with a small knob of butter they should be soft but not brown, add the mushrooms, you may need to add a little more oil. Cook mushrooms until cooked but still firm.

Have your cream open and ready to go and the glass of brandy to hand.
Add the steak strips and turn over quickly in the pan cook for 1 minute, add the brandy and ignite!

If you have a gas hob you can tip the pan slightly to ‘catch’ the flame or use a lighter, in either case be careful as this will ignite rapidly, do not be alarmed. shake the pan and when the flames have died down add the cream. Cook long enough (2mins) to reduce the cream slightly, season with salt.

Serve with rice and garlic bread. Wow! You have just flambé beef and made a hog roast devon Stroganoff sauce.