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Hog Roast Devon for Vegetarians?

You have the hog roast rolls done, apple sauce all ready and then…. you get a couple of unexpected vegetarians turn up! What to do? Don’t panic … This is a simple and VERY tasty dish you can whip up in 10 minutes that they will love. It’s success lies in its simplicity, so don’t be tempted to embellish it, just go with it. You will need
For two
Parsley a handful
Onions 1 large one
Aubergine half
Celery 1 nice size stick
Good Olive oil
Butter knob of
Lemon one
Black pepper

Slice the aubergine into half and then chop half into strips and then small squares about 10cm or a bit less. Keep the other half for tomorrow. Put into bowl with a good scatter of salt, cover with cling film and set aside to draw out the water. Don’t miss this bit out or it will soak up ALL of the oil and you want to be able to fry without it getting too much oil. Are you listening at the back? Good.

Put the parsley in a mortar with a good glug of olive oil, pound it to bits with your pestle, you want a good green liquid with the parsley disintegrated, another slug of olive oil because you didn’t put enough in to start with did you?

After about half an hour the water should have drawn out of the aubergine, rinse in running cold water to get the salt out, then wrap in a tea towel to dry.
Put some salted water on to boil for the pasta, bring to a rolling boil and put in enough for two.
Have a bite of your hog roast Devon you have earned it so far!

Chop the onion and celery into little squares like the aubergine, slosh a slug of olive oil into a non stick pan and add the aubergine, onion and celery mixture and fry over a high heat for 3 minutes then remove. Chop some garlic or A LOT of garlic, crush with the back of a flat knife to make a paste put in pan with aubergine etc. When the pasta is nearly ready bring the pan back to the heat and cook the garlic through for another minute, add the parsley oil and pulp from the mortar stir through and then add the juice of a lemon (FRESH) No jiff please! Finally the knob of butter or monter au beurr as we chefs say, remove from heat.

Drain spaghetti and return to pan with a little olive oil to prevent it sticking, give it a good twist of black pepper.
Place pasta on plate for each guest and pour over the sauce. Wonderful!

No parmesan!! The beauty here is the combination of the garlic, parsley, lemon juice and good olive oil with the fresh veg. If the pasta is too dry you didn’t put enough olive oil in, told you so.
Or you could fire you veggie friends and only hang out with people who eat hog roasts!


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